There’s been a lot of talk about cannabis helping people suffering from cancer, but limited research to back it up. Additionally, the studies that do exist about THC and cancer reveal no significant benefits. Moreover, they require further research before definitive conclusions can be made.

The main myth circulating is that cannabis cures cancer. Clearly, that’s oversimplifying cancer. However, a case involving skin cancer and cannabis oil proved puzzling to scientists, after the topical application seemed to heal the skin lesions. Further studies are required to verify these results, but so far skin cancer in animal subjects has shown promising outcomes.

THC Takes the Edge OffTHC and Cancer, Talking THC and Cancer

Science will have to prove whether cannabis can cure certain types of cancer, but the benefits of THC are obvious. THC and cancer go together well. While cancer treatment can ruin an appetite, THC can bring it back. When the chemotherapy causes aches and pains, THC provides relief. This well-known cannabinoid is widely used by cancer patients to get relief from nausea and neuropathic pain associated with conventional treatment.

The medical community warns against foregoing conventional treatment for a cannabis only approach but they seem to agree that cannabinoids have merit for study. Furthermore, many support an integrated treatment plan that depends on cannabis to address the side effects of powerful chemotherapy drugs. 

Finding a THC and Cancer Balance

Cancer patients have so much to consider and whether to use cannabis is just one of those decisions. THC and the rest of the cannabinoids and terpenes in a whole plant formula have been proven effective against certain kinds of cancer in animal studies and cell cultures, but that doesn’t always translate well into clinical trials for humans. One recently published clinical trial has revealed that cannabis might be effective in treating certain types of brain cancer, but again, we need more evidence.

Discussing cannabis with your oncologist is the first step. While the second step is visiting us at Haven. Our professional team will help you through your day with a premium cannabis product handpicked to suit your needs.

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